In 2005 the Hartley twins Jeffery and Kim Hartley escaped from a mental hospital where they were being held for attempting to kill and eat one of their school teachers. While in the hospital they confessed to having thoughts of killing another human being and fantasised of eating humans to death and where sectioned at the age of ten. Twenty years later the Hartley twins managed to kill 8 hospital workers and escape.
To this day the Hartley twins have never been seen or found. The parents of the twins claim the last time they saw the twins was 2 days prior to them escaping the hospital when they went to visit them and even though the police performed a thorough search of the family's property no sign of the twins was ever found.
Unsolved mysteries stories social media page creators Lisa Skipton and her boyfriend James Clark Decide to follow up the story of the Hartley twins for a new story for there page. They track down the last known address of the Hartley twins but soon regret ever going there.